Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is

awarded by Financial Aid Office as part of your financial aid package. It allows you to earn money to help you pay for educational and personal expenses of attending college. It does not automatically cover the cost of tuition since FWS funds are issued as paychecks for hours worked. To determine if you have an award, review your Award on your MyUHPortal.

Your FWS award is determined by the information provided from your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Once the Financial Aid Office receives and reviews your application, a FWS award may be granted based on financial need.


The requirements a student must meet in order to participate in the work-study is:

  • You must have been offered and officially accepted a work-study award for the current academic year
  • You must be a KCC student enrolled in at least half-time
  • Students who receive a Federal Work-Study financial aid award must apply for the Work-Study jobs listed on the sece job search website, (some jobs are not available to students without Work-Study).
  • You must demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Additional criteria may be required by the Financial Aid Office


In order to receive your FWS award, once you start working, you will record those hours on your timesheet and submit them to your employer for approval. After it has been approved and processed, you will receive a paycheck for the net wages earned. You may earn up to the dollar amount of your work-study award within the start and end dates of the academic semester.

Please note: the work-study does not guarantee a job. You must apply for positions and go through an interview. However, having an FWS award may give you advantage over non-FWS students when applying for jobs.

Do you need help finding a job? The Employment Prep Center assists students, employers and faculty with all aspects of on and off campus employment.

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