Sexual Respect & Title IX

What is Title IX?

Although Title IX is commonly associated with sex­-based discrimination in athletics, the law is much broader. Read more on the What is Title IX? page.

The College’s Title IX AND Non­-Retaliation Statements

Review Kapi‘olani Community College’s Statements on Title IX and Non­-Retaliation.

Title IX Coordinators

Kapi‘olani CC has designated a Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators who oversee the College’s compliance with Title IX. If you have a complaint involving sexual assault, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, stalking, or dating and domestic violence, or if you have questions about Kapi’olani CC’s policies or procedures in these areas, contact one of the individuals listed on the Title IX Coordinators page.

How to File a Title IX Complaint

Kapi‘olani CC promptly and thoroughly investigates and resolves complaints alleging sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, including sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence. See How to File a Title IX Complaint page for a comprehensive overview of the Title IX complaint process and the different avenues available for resolution.

Additional Resources & Information

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