Confidential Space

The College is committed to eliminating sexual misconduct. Students are strongly encouraged to talk to someone about what has happened to them so that victims can get the support they need and the College can respond appropriately. While some victims of sexual assault are ready to file a formal (or even public) complaint against an alleged offender right away, others may want time and privacy to sort through their next steps. Thus, confidential campus resources are in place to provide victims with assistance in sorting through the many resources available.

Please remember that faculty and staff on campus have differing abilities to maintain confidentiality upon learning of an incident.

You should know that:

  • Certain employees on campus (and off campus) can offer confidentiality — providing support, advice and options without any obligation to tell anyone unless a student requests that they do so, or if there is an imminent threat of health or safety.
  • Before revealing any information, please make sure you understand the reporting obligations of the person you are speaking to.
  • As required by federal law, most College employees who become aware of an incident of sexual misconduct must notify the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator is charged with investigating and responding to allegations of sexual misconduct. Kapi’olani CC will seek to maintain your privacy at all times during the process but confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.
  • A victim who at first requests confidentiality may later decide to file a complaint with the school or report the incident to local law enforcement, and thus have the incident fully investigated.

Confidential On-Campus Resources


For support and referral services:

Cathy Wehrman
Confidential Space
Student Affairs Counselor
Phone: (808) 734-9504
Office: ‘Iliahi 201

Brooke Conway
Confidential Space
Student Affairs Counselor
Mental Health & Wellness Coordinator
Phone: (808) 734-9554
Office: ‘Iliahi 118

In addition to the resources available at Kapi‘olani Community College, there are also local and national resources student victims and survivors may want to consider contacting.

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