Spring 2024 Commencement

Congratulations on your achievement!

Commencement Program

  • Oli by Vice Chancellor Nāwa‘a Napoleon
  • Oli Holo by Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Processional
  • Welcome Remarks
  • Commencement Speaker
  • Presentation of Awards
  • Presentation of Candidates
  • Keynote Address
  • Conferral of Degree
  • Tassel Turn
  • Recessional


Special messages in recognition of Kapi‘olani Community College Commencement

Chancellor Takabayashi

Chancellor Takabayashi

Aloha mai kākou,

E nā haumāna puka, no ʻoukou kēia lā. No ka hoʻohanohano ʻana i kāu hana nui. Graduates, today is for you. For celebrating your achievements.

E hanu nui a nānā a puni. Take a deep breath and look around.

E nānā i nā hoaaloha, kou ʻohana, nā kumu, nā kākoʻo i kōkua iā ʻoukou e hiki mai ma ʻaneʻi. Look at your friends, family, professors, and supporters that helped you to get here.

A laila, e hanu hohonu ihola mai ka naʻau mai. And then, take another deep breath and feel within yourself. Ua hoʻokō ʻia nā kuleana. Ua puka ʻoukou. You did it. You are graduating.

E alia iho! But wait. There is one final test. I want you to ask yourself if your academic journey has been upheld by our core values. Ua hoʻohanohano anei ʻoe i ka hoʻīlina a ka Mōʻīwahine Kapiʻolani ma o kēia mau lawena waiwai, ʻo ke Kūpono, ke Kuleana, ka Mālama, ke Kūloaʻa, a me ke Kūlia. Core Values through which we honor the legacy of Queen Kapiʻolani.

Kūpono – practicing honesty and ingetrity. Ua hoʻomanawanui ʻoe i nā nalu nui me nā nalu iki o ka maʻi laulā a ua kū pono iā ʻoe iho, a me nā pahuhopu. It is clear to me that you endured the waves of challenges during the pandemic and stayed pono to yourself, and your academic goals. Ua puka ʻoukou. You did it. You are graduating.

Kuleana – sharing a common responsibility to support our students, college, community, land and sea. He mau kuleana āu i mālama ai i kou hele kula ʻana. You managed multiple responsibilities while studying. He kahu ʻoe no ka ʻohana, ke kaiāulu, a me ka wahi hana. You were a caretaker for your family, your community, and your workplace. I loko o ia mau mea a pau, ua mālama ʻoe i kou hoʻonaʻauao pono ʻī.   Through it all, you took ownership of your own education. Ua puka ʻoukou. You did it. You are graduating.

Mālama – protecting and perpetuating ancestral knowledge. Ua mālama ʻia ʻoukou e Līlīlehua, ka ua o kēia ʻāina, e Māunuunu, ka makani o kēia ʻāina, e Lēʻahi, ka puʻu o kēia ʻāina, e ke kaiāulu. Līlīlehua, the rain of this land, Māunuunu the wind of this land, Lēʻahi the peak of this land, and the community all took care of you. Inā ua kūlike ʻia ka mālama, If the care has been reciprocated by you, Ua puka ʻoukou. You did it. You are graduating.

Kūloaʻa – Ensuring that the needs of our students are met with support and service. ʻAʻole nō he wā maʻalahi, maopopo iaʻu. It has not been easy, I understand. Eia nō naʻe, aia ʻoukou ma ʻaneʻi i kēia manawa. But you are here now. Ua puka ʻoukou. You did it. You are graduating.

Kūlia – Kūlia i ka nuʻu. Strive for the highest. Ua hiki ʻoukou i hoʻokahi nuʻu. Auwe! Hoʻomau nō ke alahele. You have reached one summit. Suprise! The path continues. He aha kāu nuʻu hou aʻe. What is your next summit? Pehea ʻoe e hiki ai i laila? How will you get there? Aia iā ʻoe. Mai poina i hoʻokahi mea. It is up to you, but donʻt forget one thing. E hoʻomālamalama i ke alahele i hiki kekahi ke kūlia i kona nuʻu. Remember to light up the way so someone else can follow to strive to their highest.

E hoʻomaikaʻi loa me ke aloha nui iā ʻoukou pākahi āpau. My heart-felt congratulations to each one of you.

President David Lassner

President David Lassner

Dear Graduates,

You made it! I want to share my personal congratulations on your commitment and resilience in earning your Kapi‘olani Community College (Kapi‘olani CC) credential. All of the Kapi‘olani CC team, the University of Hawai‘i (UH) System, and the Regents are deeply proud of what you have accomplished.

Whether your aspirations involve continuing in higher education, taking on new employment opportunities, or following another path altogether, we applaud your work at Kapi‘olani CC. We remain committed to imparting a transformational higher education experience for every student. We aim to ignite your passion for learning and discovery, instill a sense of local and global citizenship, and prepare you to achieve the professional and personal success that will advance you, your family, and your community.

Please take this day to revel in your success and thank those around you who made it possible. And welcome to our Kapi‘olani CC and UH alumni ‘ohana.

Congratulations on your achievement!

Governor Josh Green

Governor Josh Green, M.D.

On behalf of the people of Hawaiʻi, I am proud to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2024 of Kapiʻolani Community College!

Your journey through Kapiʻolani Community College has been guided by the institution’s steadfast commitment to excellence, diversity, and community engagement. Rooted in its mission to empower learners to achieve their educational goals, Kapiʻolani Community College has provided you with a transformative learning experience that extends far beyond the classroom.

Throughout your time at Kapiʻolani Community College, you have embraced the values of Kūpono, Kuleana, Alakaʻi, Kākoʻo, and Mālama, enriching both your academic endeavors and your personal growth. As you prepare to embark on new adventures, may these values serve as guiding principles in all your future endeavors.

As you embark on this new chapter, remember that the knowledge and skills you have acquired at Kapiʻolani Community College have equipped you to tackle any challenge with confidence and compassion. Whether you choose to pursue further education, enter the workforce, or pursue your passions, I have no doubt that you will continue to make meaningful contributions to our State and beyond.

On behalf of the people of Hawaiʻi, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you. Your accomplishments are a testament to your resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence. May your futures be filled with endless opportunities, success, and fulfillment. Congratulations, graduates of Kapiʻolani Community College Class of 2024!

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society

About PTK

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize the academic achievements of two-year college students and provide them with opportunities to grow as leaders and scholars.  Through participation in leadership opportunities, academic research, service the college and community, and fellowship, members are able to grow both personally and professionally outside of the classroom.

Membership into Phi Theta Kappa requires students to be a Kapi‘olani Community College student; have completed at least 12 semester hours in 100-level or above courses; have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher; and be a good quality citizen with the desire to excel. Contact: kcchonor@hawaii.edu for more information.

Congratulations to the Spring 2024 Phi Theta Kappa Graduates!

Clarisse Jane Agcaoili
Isabela Aguirre Guevara
Anna Barley
Arsen Jhay Butay
Shane Lyka Corpuz
Tristan David
Chiharu Hanagata
Elizabeth Kalahiki
Kyle Kila
Joana Kim
Denise Jaynie King
Selu Makihele
Chantel Joy Marquez
Sage Mohica
Emily Padia
Ralph Christian Pastor
Robert Sagucio
Sumin Shin
Ana Marie Simpao
Nick Swenstad
Shawna Takaki
Hollie-Anne Toma
Jesus Tomas
Annise Velazquez

The National Society of Leadership and Success

National Society of Leadership & Success

About NSLS

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is the nation’s largest leadership honor society and collegiate leadership development program. And the only program of its kind to have earned accreditation for its programming.

The NSLS differentiates itself from traditional honor societies in that students must complete a step-by-step leadership development program in order to become inducted. The curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop many in-demand skills such as leadership, communication, and team building.

Candidacy is determined by the local Chapter Leaders. For the Kapi‘olani Community College chapter, liberal arts students with a GPA between 2.5 and 3.49 are selected for nomination each fall and spring semester. Students who do not receive a formal invitation at the beginning of each semester may apply online through a nomination process, where-in faculty recommendation and brief personal statements are required.

To learn more about The NSLS, please contact kapnsls@hawaii.edu.

Congratulations to the Spring 2024 NSLS Graduates!

Ayessa Ashley Casabay
Leila Precious Flores
Mizuho Watanabe *inductee

Spring & Summer 2024 Graduates

The following list acknowledges Kapi‘olani CC graduates of Spring and Summer 2024 who have voluntarily elected to participate in this yearʻs commencement ceremony.

Associate of Arts Degree

Hawaiian Studies

  • Minami Saeki

Liberal Arts

  • Kayla Adzuara
  • Kaye Lyn Fiona Mae Agabao
  • Clarisse Jane Agcaoili
  • Kaila Lealoha Andres
  • Kathleen Asuncion
  • Angelica Marie Bocalbos
  • Cherylle Butac
  • Ayessa Ashley Casabay
  • Tsz Ching Choi
  • Juri Dagio
  • Leila Precious Flores
  • Kaede Fukuda
  • Towaki Hamada
  • Yusuke Hashimoto
  • Riko Imakita
  • Mao Iwamoto
  • Seun Kim
  • Kazumine Kishi
  • Chiba Ko
  • Akika Kumagai
  • Navarrete Kyrstene
  • Rei Miyashiro Nakaima
  • Itsuki Mochida
  • Risa Murayama
  • Keila Renee Ortiz
  • Kristen Pelesasa
  • Elle Fleicher Dein Ramit
  • Komai Reika
  • Sedona Richards
  • Robert Sagucio
  • Endo Sena
  • Miku Serizawa
  • Sumin Shin
  • Olivia Smith
  • Issei So
  • Emily Standfield
  • Saki Takaesu
  • Rena Takagi
  • Alika Takenaka
  • Shiragami Tatsuru
  • Nerissa Toda-Nagaue
  • Naoki Ukai
  • Abigayle Vendiola
  • Javier Veronica Monique

Liberal Arts – Art

  • Gunnar Chong
  • Daphne Pohaku

Liberal Arts – Business

  • Kyler Kaneshiro

    Liberal Arts – Education

    • Sean Kinilau
    • Brittany-leah Waipa

    Liberal Arts – English

    • Shawna Takaki

    Liberal Arts – Human Development

    • Lani-Romylyn Carlos

    Liberal Arts – Psychology

    • Katana Grau
    • Faith Leilehua Kong Kee
    • Edward John Art Lansangan

    Academic Subject Certificate – Liberal Arts – Sustainability Issues

    • Tristan David
    • Edwin Loyd Laroco

    Associate of Science Degree


    • Zhanli Li
    • MJ Lorraine Peralta
    • Peiyu Zhuo

    Culinary Arts – Culinary Arts

    • Kekamanoheapomaika’iokala’i Gaea
    • Ranielle Jay Gano
    • Paul Hennessey-Kutzen
    • Po Yu Huang
    • Kamelenahe Kai
    • Senala Poe
    • Ashly Sboray
    • Jason Wong

    Culinary Arts – Institutional Food Service Management

    • Suraj Bahadur Basnet
    • Erika Leong

    Culinary Arts – Pastry Arts

    • Mariah Theresa Concepcion
    • Donna Duong
    • Mia Fitzgerald
    • Ying Hu
    • Emily Roberts
    • Rosa Rodriguez

    Hospitality & Tourism – Hospitality Operations Management

    • Jenifer Edith Carlos De La Garza
    • Phan Thien Toan Huynh
    • Michelle Lorenz
    • Lei Lani Mauricio
    • Nagano Miku
    • Jim Gabriel Vergara

    Hospitality & Tourism – Travel & Tourism Operations Management

    • Moberg Dorothy
    • Junell Escobar
    • Gha Woon Ng
    • Suzune Okada
    • Sasa Shimoda

    Information Technology

    • Adrian Domingo
    • Edmund Frio
    • In mo Koo
    • Kristen Santhany

    Medical Laboratory Technician

    • Adrian Arakaki
    • Jeremy Atento
    • Eva Evercrest
    • Shani Huang
    • Marco Antonio León Herrera
    • Aaron Salvador
    • Rhimeja Paula Salvador
    • Jiliann Takamoto
    • Ayako Wai
    • Joy Karen William

    Natural Science – Biological Sciences

    • Kyle Kila
    • Joana Kim
    • Stacey Yacapin

    Natural Science – Engineering

    • Angela Grace Piso

    Natural Science – Information & Communications Technology

    • Noah Davis

    Natural Science – Physical Science

    • Giovanna Mae Taong

    New Media Arts – Animation

    • Yuma Kim
    • Emily Padia
    • Janae Taclas


    • Kian Aquino
    • Reynell Arakawa
    • Junghyun Baek
    • Tyler Baert
    • Anna Barley
    • Rochelle Baybayan
    • Jeffrey Boquiren
    • JiaXin Chen
    • Nicole Dumlao
    • Krista Higashi
    • Miana Labrador
    • Seoyoung Lee
    • Marianne Mariano
    • Chantel Joy Marquez
    • Madeline Morgan
    • Justin Ocol
    • Donna Pai
    • Heidi Sawinski
    • Renlin Stone
    • Leinora Yong Tan
    • Hollie-Anne Toma
    • Jesus Tomas
    • Andrew Yasukochi
    • Tracey Yoshino

    Nursing – License Practical Nurse

    • Troy Barrett

      Occupational Therapy Assistant

      • Beatriz Anama
      • Shane Lyka Corpuz
      • Glenna Lynne Curioso
      • Genivi Garcia
      • Alastair Hwu
      • Lorena Magno
      • Barbara Rocha
      • Erin Yoshioka


      • Annise Velazquez

      Physical Therapist Assistant

      • Ashley Cloer
      • Dyllon Enriquez
      • Gabriel Victor Garcia
      • Min kyung Jun
      • Patrick Leatherman
      • Jennifer Manaea
      • Kyra Prokuski
      • Judy Ann Ramos
      • Mara Ramos Renz
      • Edward Rimando Jr
      • Kayla Sagon-Gomes
      • Jessie Solomon
      • Jesse Temple
      • Stene Tsutsumi

      Radiologic Technology

      • Paige Carlson
      • Shaye Ikehara
      • Raymond Kanae
      • Lauren Kawakami
      • Kortney Long
      • Koa Lukela
      • Sage Mohica
      • Kelsey Monticalvo
      • Vincent Nguyen
      • Tiffany Okinaga
      • Michelle Phan
      • Edward Su
      • Nick Swenstad
      • Christopher Viernes
      • Jeremy Visaya
      • Kynsie Won
      • Tristan Yoshida

      Respiratory Care

      • Michelle Aoki
      • Arsen Jhay Butay
      • Shealey Rianne Cezar
      • Marichris Guerrero
      • Chiharu Hanagata
      • Elizabeth Kalahiki
      • Denise Jaynie King
      • Shairadel Anne Laforteza
      • Selu Makihele
      • Jessica Ngo
      • Ralph Christian Pastor
      • Joshua Peralta
      • Micah Taira
      • Tiffany Rome Talusan

      Certificate of Achievement


      • Angel Nadine De Jesus
      • Yuki Minowa

      Culinary Arts – Culinary Arts

      • Suann Jung

      Dental Assisting

      • DiaMarie Asher
      • Leiana Carvalho
      • Ashley Del Rio
      • Amanda Diaz-Urquidi
      • Katie Johnson
      • Taryn Kaui
      • Laila Monica Lumibao
      • Alexandra Nicole Palting
      • Emileigh Pickens
      • Glemarie Ulit

      Hospitality & Tourism – Hospitality Operations Management

      • Aoi Nikaido

      Hospitality & Tourism – Travel & Tourism Operations Management

      • Kim Chaewon
      • Tatsuma Koike
      • Manako Okada
      • Mizuho Watanabe

      Medical Assisting

      • Isabela Aguirre Guevara
      • Kaheakulani O’Neill


      • Nicole Moylan

      Certificate of Competence

      Community Health Worker

      • Mary Charibine Arucan
      • Lok To Martha Chan
      • Taryn Eis
      • Dakiko Elidok
      • Elsicher Enlet
      • Cherry Fuentes
      • Maie Iosia
      • Alberina Kirielmo
      • Raynard Kirielmo
      • Chinalynn Lokiar
      • Kirielmo Mary-Jane
      • Niepas Micky
      • Ann Marie Muramoto
      • Sanjana Sanoe Pemberton
      • Elsa Rain
      • Ana Marie Simpao
      • Innocenta Sound-Kikku
      • Krystal Tuia
      • Pilorita Ysam

      Dental Assisting

      • Ermie Bray
      • Juvylaida Ivy Bulo
      • Kailey Dong
      • Amber Johnson
      • Geunam Kim

      Emergency Medical Technician

      • Angel Naea
      • Jenny Neal

      Medical Assisting – Healthcare Practice Management

      • Malia Mierzwa

      Payroll Preparer

      • Michellie Rosario Raquel

      Tax Preparer

      • Rose Marie Agudong

      Principles of Sustainability Tourism

      • Kari Malagamaalii



        Non-Credit Program

        Dental Assisting (PUA Program)

        • Abigail Buted
        • Jasmin Cesario
        • Katrina Corpuz
        • Jaelynn Munar
        • Kaylyn Rivera-cagata-ursua

        Massage Therapy

        • Iosi Pablo De Guzman
        • Kaile Maratita
        • Charles Redoble

        Nurse Aide

        • Chelsea Jaye Abordonado
        • Rhoda Joy Ordes-Casuga
        • Sarah Yomes-Cunha-Ling

        Optometry Assistant

        • Elaine Wang

        Pharmacy Technician – Farrington High School

        • Hanna-Lou Aguilar
        • Hyacinth Dacanay
        • Shaira Gwen Quero

        Pharmacy Technician – Kaiser High School

        • Nikayla Centra
        • Kaila Fa’i-Puu
        • Brooke Fujiwara
        • Itzzel Lopez
        • Vaiata Yarbrough

        Pharmacy Technician – Kapi‘olani CC

        • Patricia Parker

        Pharmacy Technician – McKinley High School

        • Jennifer Danh
        • Saydi Miyashiro

        Pharmacy Technician – Waipahu High School

        • Noreine Samantha Agpalza
        • Keisha lei Ancheta
        • Gwyneth Baliscao
        • Janelle Baptista
        • Angel Therese Borja
        • Whemsy Faith Calinao
        • Danielle Jordan Gallano
        • Shearla Gamiao
        • Kaydence Malong-Miguel
        • Hector Manayan
        • Alwyn Jonathan Pagdilao
        • Joybel Parinas
        • Althea Valenzuela

        Phlebotomy – Castle High School

        • Kira Nagaki

        Phlebotomy – Kailua High School

        • Jessica Acain-Gbson
        • Leah Acasia-Kalaiwaa
        • Khayla Balaoing
        • James-Z Dudoit
        • Hannah Kyla Fabinal
        • Malia Mierzwa
        • Masen Lapinad-Sorgent
        • Carl Tacto
        • Kietan Waldo

        Phlebotomy – Kapiʻolani CC

        • Masar Abdeljawad
        • Jasmine Dickinson
        • Chrystahl Fiso
        • Hope Guittap
        • Luzano Russel

        Listing of Administration

        University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents

        Gabriel Lee
        Ernest Wilson
        Wayne Higaki
        William F. Haning III
        Diane Paloma
        Laurie Tochiki
        Laurel Loo
        Neil Abercrombie
        Lauren Akitake
        Abigail Mawae

        University of Hawai‘i System

        David Lassner, President
        Erika Lacro, Vice President for Community Colleges

        Kapi‘olani Community College

        Misaki Takabayashi, Chancellor
        Nāwaʻa Napoleon, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
        Lance Yamamoto, Acting Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
        Lokelani Kenolio, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
        Michaelyn Nākoa Hall, Interim Executive Director of Strategy
        Veronica Ogata, Dean of Arts and Sciences
        Laure Burke, Interim Dean of Legal, Business and Technology, Culinary Arts, and Hospitality and Tourism
        Karen Boyer, Interim Dean of Health Academic Programs
        Carol Hoshiko, Dean of Community and Continuing Education