“I ka wā ma mua, ka wā ma hope”
We look to the past as a guide to the future.

Mālama Honua

Aloha and welcome to sustainability at Kapiʻolani Community College. Join us in supporting efforts to improve environmental stewardship and sustainability in all our campus operations. We must take care of the earth because we are all part of this living community.

STEM students working outdoors

For Students

  • Kapi‘olani Community College has a new certificate that gives you the equivalent of a minor in Sustainability while meeting your general education requirements. The courses listed here will apply towards this Academic Subject Certificate.
  • S-Related & S-Focused — S-Related indicates that the course includes a significant assignment related to sustainability. Courses designated S-Focused means sustainability is a major theme of the course. For more information, consult a counselor or the Faculty Senate Sustainability Chair, Caroline Torres.
  • Academic Subject Certificate in Sustainability Advising Sheet
  • Service and Sustainability Learning Program

Student Clubs

For Faculty

Sustainability – Across the Curriculum

Faculty resources will offer information about applying for S-Designation, including sample completed S-Designation intake forms, as well as Faculty Senate Sustainability Committee news and meeting minutes. If you have questions, please e-mail Nicole Otero or Kuan-Hung Chen the FS Sustainability Committee Chair.

Future dates to be announced.

  • All faculty are welcome!
  • Learn about a Sustainability Designation for your class or adding a sustainability-related projects
  • Talk story with sustainability committee members and S-Designated faculty to find sustainability connections in your class.
  • Help students to connect their learning across disciplines.
  • Promote your course to motivate students with an interest in sustainability.

Class Availability

Check out our course schedule to find available classes for the upcoming semester. And while you’re at it, consider enrolling in courses on sustainability – a crucial field for shaping a better future for all. Join us in our commitment to sustainability, one course at a time!