Bonnie Nani K Ross

Lecturer, English

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ENG 22 Introduction to Basic Composition
ENG 100 First-year Composition I
ENG 100A First-year Composition I (Stretch)
ENG 190 Composition for Transfers
ENG 270B American Literature: 1800s to Present
ENG 271 Intro. to Literature and Genre Short Story & Novels, Short Story & Novels from Hawaiʻi and the Pacific, Speculative Fictions, Science Fiction, Magical Worlds: Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Fairy Tales and Their Adaptations (Literature, Film, Visual Culture)
ENG 271N Intro. to Literature and Genre Short Story & Novels
ENG 272 Introduction to Literature and Culture Visual Culture and the Hero(ine)
ENG 273 Intro. to Literature and Creative Writing Human and the Divine Folk Narrative Folklore to Fantasy in Literature and Film Speculative Fiction, and From Page to Stage/Screen: Literature into Film/TV
ENG 255, 273C, 273N Intro. to Literature and Creative Writing Fiction: Poetry, Short Story, and the Novel and Nonfiction: Memoir, Travel, and Food Culture
ENG 306 Argumentative Writing E
NG 313 Types of Creative Writing Fiction & Nonfiction Narrative Shorts (Short Stories & Short Screenplays), Poetry and Short Story, Oral Tradition to Short Stories, and Screenplays
ACM 350 Introduction to Screenwriting
ACM 360 Indigenous Aesthetics

Film Studies, Screenwriting, Indigenous Studies, Visual Culture and Resistance

Assessment and Project Faculty Mentor for Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program