Kuan-Hung Chen


Instructor, Department of Arts and Humanities

Contact Information

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Courses Taught

PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 101: Morals and Society
PHIL 110: Introduction to Deductive Logic
PHIL 111: Introduction to Inductive Logic
PHIL 250: Ethics in Health Care


Comparative Epistemology, Environmental Ethics, Philosophical Daoism


Faculty Senate Sustainability Committee (Co-chair)

Professional Activities

Kuan-Hung Chen is the author of a few book chapters as well as academic journal articles, including “Anticipating a Deweyan Extension to Environmental Philosophy”, “Cognition, Language, Symbol, and Meaning Making: A Comparative Study of the Epistemic Stances of Whitehead and the Book of Changes”, “Seriousness, Playfulness, and a Religious Reading of A Book from the Sky”, “Whence Do You Know the Fish Are Happy?: Knowing Well and Living Well”

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