Robert Vega


Program Director & Assistant Professor

Contact Information
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Courses Taught

RESP 100 Respiratory Care Profession
RESP 101 Sciences for Respiratory Care
RESP 202 Clinical Practice 1
RESP 203 Respiratory Care Techniques 1
RESP 222 Clinical Practice III
RESP 300 Case and Disease Management in Cardiopulmonary Care
RESP 313 Current Concepts in Cardiopulmonary Care
RESP320 Respiratory Care Seminar I, Clinical Practice VI


Dissertation for Ed.D. program, University of Southern California, (USC). Transfer rates from 2-year to 4 year programs for Native Hawaiian Students.


COPD Coalition Honolulu, Hawai‘i Thoracic Society

Professional Activities

President elect Hawai‘i Society for Respiratory Care 2019, President Hawai‘i Society for Respiratory Care 2020, Past President Hawai‘i Society for Respiratory Care 2021

Kapi‘olani Community College x