Program Overview

The Hawaiian Studies program at Kapi‘olani Community College (Kapiʻolani CC) prepares students with the skills and knowledge fundamental to the pursuit of an advanced degree at a four-year institution. The Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies program has a comparable foundation and diversification requirements to the Kapiʻolani CC AA in Liberal Arts. An understanding of the unique heritage of the Hawaiian people provides students with additional tools to take into the workforce or to transfer toward higher degrees. The rich experience of the Hawaiian Studies program helps instill a living appreciation of Native Hawaiian culture, language, and practices.

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Degree & Certificates

Associate in Arts – Hawaiian Studies (60 credits)

The Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies at Kapi‘olani Community College prepares students to transfer to four-year institutions. This 60-credit program provides a clear, explicit, coherent pathway for students intending to transfer into the Hawaiian Studies major at a baccalaureate institution. The program provides curricula that focus on Hawaiian culture and knowledge. This Associate in Arts degree is an expansion upon the Academic Subject Certificate in Hawaiian Studies and includes all of the broader General Education requirements for a liberal arts degree.

Academic Subject Certificate – Hawaiian Studies (50-51 credits)

An Academic Subject Certificate in Hawaiian Studies is a credential awarded to students who successfully complete a short-term structured series of courses in an interdisciplinary program. Students who earn a minimum grade point ratio (GPR) of 2.0 in two years (16 credits) of Hawaiian language, complete the Written Communication (FW) requirement, complete the Symbolic Reasoning (FS) requirement, and maintain that GPR while completing HIST 284 (Hawaiian History), HWST 107 (Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific) and 21 elective credits of related academic coursework, will be eligible for this certificate. Completion of this certificate will lead the student onto pathways of science, art, and/or history depending upon the courses completed.

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