Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Technology


The Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Technology is responsible for planning, developing, and delivering high quality computing and media resources and services for student learning, administrative operations, faculty and staff development, and delivery of instruction and services.


Ticket System

If you need CELTT support or service, please submit a ticket call x9711 and leave a detailed message. You can also reach us by emailing celtthlp@hawaii.edu


Office Location

Naio Bldg, Room 201 | (808) 734-9711

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to  4:00 p.m.


Instructional Design & Support

  • Instructional Planning and Designing Support (learning outcomes alignment, learning activity consideration, accessibility best practices, assessment, evaluation, etc) across any modality (i.e., face-to-face, hybrid, online: Synchronous, Asynchronous)
  • Educational Technology (for teaching and learning) Integration Support
  • Professional Development Facilitation (for technology integration and instructional design)


Customer Care Center

  • Equipment loans / event setups
  • Front-line troubleshooting
  • Computer hardware & software issues


Web Development Group

  • Updating the campus websites
  • Website consultations


Digital Systems

  • Technology procurement consultation
  • New/Replacement computer deployment
  • E-waste
  • Document shredding
  • Telecom requests (new phone setups; phone issues; networking)
  • Information security (viruses; phishing)
  • Video project requests
  • Video/web conferencing requests


CELTT’s Mission

Using learning college principles, CELTT provides leadership and support for the improvement of teaching and learning. CELTT advances the college’s mission through the application of appropriate technologies and is committed to enhancing and expanding learning opportunities for students, staff, and faculty.

The Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Technology (CELTT) is responsible for planning, developing, and delivering high-quality computing and media resources and services for student learning, administrative operations, faculty and staff development, and delivery of instruction and services. CELTT:

  • Coordinates, develops, and implements the College’s technology plans;
  • Develops and maintains the College’s voice, data and video networks;
  • Develops and supports local area networks within instructional and administrative facilities;
  • Develops and coordinates faculty and staff professional development activities;
  • Conducts demonstrations to familiarize faculty and staff with equipment available and to enable them to operate equipment;
  • Supports the development and delivery of distance education using a variety of media, such as broadcast television, cable television, web-based instruction, or other forms of digital delivery;
  • Supports curriculum innovation using computers or media technology in the classroom;
  • Develops and maintains computing programs and services for both academic and administrative uses;
  • Works with College program heads to formulate budget requirements especially in the area of technology and technology uses;
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations on the purchase of technology;
  • Maintains and repairs media and computing equipment, including the development and implementation of preventive maintenance programs;
  • Trains faculty and staff in various computer applications and use of media;
  • Provides telephone/telecommunication services; and
  • Develops and implements applicable policies and procedures

[Functional Statements, Reorganization Proposal, March 20, 2008, p. 5]

CELTT’s professional development programs support the unit’s Tactical Plan which is closely aligned with the campus Strategic Plan. There is alignment with strategic outcomes, performance measures and potential strategies of the 2008-2015 Strategic Plan; these are covered in detail in the latest Tactical Plan and we highlight some in the pdf document, AY 2010-2011 Professional Development Overview

Technology Upgrades

Workload Data

Tactical Plans

CELTT Policies are also listed on the Policy section.

  • Help Desk Service Level Agreement
  • IMD Service Level Agreement

Customer Care Scope

The following are guidelines for decision-making in the Customer Care Center (CCC) and to help CCC clients understand the services we provide. The document is limited in scope in that it sets official policy for providing help through the CCC and not the other work groups in CELTT. Services not provided by CCC may be available from another work group or entity outside Kapi‘olani Community College (Kapi‘olani CC). Technology is never static and it is expected that this SLA will change over time as necessary. Questions about any part of this SLA should be referred to the Customer Care Center Coordinator or the CELTT Coordinator.

Who is Covered Under This Agreement

This SLA covers all Kapi‘olani CC faculty, staff, and administrative personnel. This agreement may extend to special projects and external programs as deemed necessary by CELTT.

Mission of the Customer Care Center

Customer Care Center personnel handle trouble calls and manage the technology equipment that can be loaned to faculty, staff and external clients. For faculty and staff, they handle calls related to the campus telephones, software and hardware, and access to the campus networks. For other technology support, CCC personnel refer students to the University of Hawai‘i Information Technology Services (ITS).

Job Functions of the Customer Care Center

  • maintain classroom audio-visual equipment
  • maintain and manage equipment loan pool
  • diagnose and resolve problems with:
    • campus telephones
    • computer software
    • computer hardware
    • network connectivity for the campus wired and wireless networks
    • computer peripheral devices such as printers
    • classroom audio visual equipment
    • computer lab equipment
  • train others in:
    • use of audio visual and computer equipment
    • preventive maintenance of peripherals and computers
    • dealing with viruses and other malware (bad software)

Hours of Operation

  • In-person: Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM, closed on State and Federal holidays or administrative closings.
  • Online: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via CELTT HELP
  • Telephone: Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4:30 PM, closed on State and Federal holidays or administrative closings.

Hours of operation are subject to change. Modifications to the above schedule will be announced to campus faculty, staff, and administrative personnel via the campus bulletin.

Requesting Assistance/AV Equipment Loans and Customer Responsibilities

The CCC is the central point of contract and dispatching of all technical support, including audio-visual equipment loans, hardware and software questions and consulting, installations, networking, network connection requests, and troubleshooting. For assistance, contact the Customer Care Center via the following methods:

  • Telephone: 734-9711
  • Voice Mail: 734-9711

General Policies of the CCC

Computer users are responsible for the following:

  • backing up the data stored on your data drives
  • protect your computer with a user password
  • show proof that a software license has been obtained prior to requesting the installation of the software
  • perform simple maintenance on your computer on a regular basis (monthly)
  • do NOT install peer-to-peer software such as LimeWire, Kazaa, and BitTorrent, and unlicensed or illegal software on your campus computer. Please read the Information Security Policy.

To help us provide you with the best and quickest service when you submit a request for help, do the following:

  • a complete and detailed description of the problem you are experiencing
  • the exact text of any error message you are seeing on your computer
  • the tasks you were performing before an error message occurred

Delays in service may occur if these recommendations are not followed.

  • Hardware Loan Issues

Audio/visual and computer equipment that is loaned out must be returned on the agreed-upon date and time. Delays may negatively impact other customers who reserved the equipment. Costs incurred for lost or damaged equipment may be charged to the customer’s office or department.

To ensure the best service, please make loan requests as far in advance of your event as possible and no later than SEVEN DAYS BEFORE the event. Our limited pool of equipment combined with a lack of advance planning may mean the equipment is not available when you need it. Receipt of a loan request does not guarantee the availability of equipment.

Before returning loaned equipment, please be sure that all accessories and cords are neatly packed.

LCD projectors and laptop computers are loaned out on a 24-hour basis.

All loan requests are handled in the order they are received. Since the pool of available AV equipment is limited, we strongly recommend that requests are made well in advance of the event and no later than SEVEN DAYS BEFORE your event. Be aware that there are periods of high demand when the entire loan pool of popular items is depleted and loan requests cannot be met. Advance planning on your part will help us serve you better.

When you submit a loan request, it is immediately entered into our tracking system and you will receive a response from us when the request is received and when the request is handled/completed. You will be notified as soon as we know that your request can or cannot be fulfilled.

Hardware Support

Hardware support will be provided for any campus-owned computer or audio/visual equipment. Personal computers and equipment will not be serviced by CELTT personnel.

Responsibilities of Customer Care Staff:
  • Assist users in the installation of toner cartridges, and maintenance kits, and performing basic printer maintenance upon request.
  • CELTT will cover repair costs for parts if the cost does not exceed 50 percent of the current cost of the hardware, and current budget levels are adequate. Some equipment may be deemed obsolete or unfeasible to fix because of cost. Departments do have the right to purchase parts and have equipment repaired on their own.
Responsibilities of Departments, Faculty, and Staff:
  • Consult Customer Care Center personnel before purchasing audio-visual or computer equipment.
  • Obtain hardware maintenance contracts such as AppleCare. Maintenance contracts are not provided by CELTT.
  • Perform simple preventive maintenance such as basic cleaning of equipment on a regular basis. Customer Care Center staff may clean equipment while it is in the shop for repair. Annual cleaning, preventive maintenance, and inventory for audio/visual classroom equipment are scheduled during the summer break if time and staffing permits.
  • If equipment appears to be infested by insects, contact Auxiliary Services for fumigation services BEFORE submitting a trouble call with the Customer Care Center. CELTT personnel cannot accept infested equipment in order to prevent further spreading of the

Software Support

In alignment with UH ITS policies and procedures, the Help Desk provides full installation and configuration support for the licensed software packages listed at http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/575 on-campus computers.

What We Support

The Web Development Group is primarily responsible for the technical maintenance and development of campus websites and services including the College’s public site.
We do not create web content. All web content is the responsibility of the associated department or group. Request for updating web content must be submitted by the content owner via our ticket system.

What We Do Not Support

  • Course Websites/Laulima (support provided by ISS)
  • Personal Homepages (www2.hawaii.edu sites)
  • Any websites hosted outside of Kapiʻolani Community College web servers
  • Social Media

Hours of Coverage

The Web Team is available during typical business hours.

Peak Periods

The weeks prior to the start of a semester are typically the busiest for us. Requests for changes that need to be completed prior to the start of the semester should be submitted to the us at-least 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Response Time Targets


Alerts and Disaster announcements
e.g. Bad weather, hazardous situations
Error reports, urgent amends
e.g. Factual corrections, critical typos, priority updates etc.
Minor amends and updates
e.g. General corrections and changes, updates etc.
Medium scale changes
e.g. Full page changes, design, significant content revisions etc.
New projects and redevelopments
e.g. New services areas /departments, structural changes, custom coding, microsite developments, systems integration, etc.
Immediate with regular updates as provided by College Administration
72 hour response
Usually within 2-3 working weeks
Scheduled according to scale, complexity and resources.

University of Hawai‘i Technical Support

Technical support for enterprise systems such as Banner, FMIS, and the MyUH Portal, or software licensed by UH is provided through the University of Hawai‘i Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk.  For assistance in these areas, you may call or email the UH Information Technology Services department.