Program Review

Annual Review of Program Data

The official University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges (UHCC) policy (UHCCP 5.202) requires annual reporting of program review data. The Annual Report of Program Data (ARPD) is used to inform Tactical Planning for improvement.

Annual reporting of program review data is available through a web submission tool. This report often referred to as “ARPD” for Annual Report of Program Data, is compiled from data gathered every December.

3-Year Comprehensive Program Review Drives 5-Year Planning

The comprehensive instructional program review (CPR) contains an executive summary, program description, quantitative indicators for program review, assessment results, curriculum revision, survey results, analysis of program, action plan for continuous improvement, and budget implications. As such, program review drives budgetary and tactical planning decisions for subsequent 5-year periods. All programs shall complete a comprehensive program assessment every five years to align with the five-year course SLO assessment cycle and the course SLO assessments. OFIE also tracks those units with recent program accreditations in lieu of a comprehensive program review.

Based on program review data for the 2016-2019 period, each program has developed an action plan for continuous improvement for 2019-2024. These continuous improvement plans, along with UH system-defined measures and identified Student Success Pathway measures, will inform institutional Strategic Planning for 2021-2026.

Academic Support Services

Administrative Support Units

Career & Technical Education

Health Programs

Arts & Sciences

Student Support Services

From 2006-2009, the ARPDs and CPRs were used to inform Tactical Planning for improvement. The ARPD is used by Kapiʻolani CC as an anchor assessment and evaluation tool in its overall institutional improvement system. Effective 2013, tactical action plans have been incorporated into the comprehensive program review, and continue to enable programs to identify Strategic Plan outcomes and measures they will help the college achieve.


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